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We always see in sales page of today Internet Marketer that they use special signature to end their sales page. They can use many method to create that signature i.e through scanning their own made signature or use Adobe Photoshop or Gimp to create their signature.

One best solution that I find that is easy for you to use is the one provided by My Live Signature. )

MyLiveSignature offers the services of creating and animating personal signatures. You can use it to easily create your own signature using a set of templates or to allow our designers to create your handwritten signature based on a scanned image. At the same time, our animators will give you the true impression that you sign your message with your own hand in real time. – MyLiveSignature

My Live Signature is a free to use service to create and use your signature image. However they also offered a few upgrade options especially if you’re interested in animating your static image of have them do it for you entirely.

Let’s proceed to the steps in creating your first signature with MyLiveSignature, click on proceed.

On this page you can choose to either create a new signature or choose from the other various option including putting an order for an animated signature. For now, let’s just create a signature.

You will than be asked whether you want to use the creation wizard or a scanned image. I’ll be using the creation wizard for now. You can used the scanned image option if you have a signature image ready.

The third page is basically for spam prevention purposes. Just enter the word/signature you wanted to create, fill in the capcha code and click on next step.

In the next steps you will enable to:

  • Select the font
  • Select the size
  • Select the color
  • Set the slope

Once done to will come to this page.

MyLiveSignature will give you a signature id for you to continue with the project or maybe edit it later. For those who want to use the image hosted with MyLiveSignature, just get the link from the following page or if you preferred a self-hosted version you can get it too by choosing the appropriate option as shown above.

I hope you enjoyed this review, feel free to test it out soon…

Keep In Touch,

Want Your Own Signature?
Visit My Live Signature )

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