What’s all this talk about Squidoo?

Have you ever wondered what happened to good
old fashioned community?

We’ve gotten so used to email bombardment
and trashy websites that it’s refreshing to finally
find a place where you can be part of something.

That’s the case with a great site called Squidoo.

I’ve just been learning more about it myself and
I love everything I’m seeing about it:

–> It’s free. Always.

–> You can make an interactive, Web 2.0 webpage
in about 10 minutes (these are called “lenses”)

–> The philosophy behind the site is collaborative.

–> And you can use it to promote whatever business,
expertise, service, or hobby you wish.

Now although it’s free, and relatively easy to
get started, it’s great to have help in making
sense of everything you can do with the

I’ve been learning how to use the site a lot
faster with the help of Bob The Teacher.

==> http://www.squidoosecrets.com/

Bob really knows what he’s talking about.

He’s had a lens hit #1 on the site, was picked
for Lens of the day a couple of times, and was
even highlighted in the New York Times for
his expertise in a really weird topic.

With Bob’s help, I’m learning how to take this
free service and use it for affiliate marketing,
list building, expertise branding, and promoting
my business.

Would that help you out, too?

He’s offering a full blown membership for
an awesome price, but even better…

You can check out Squidoo Secrets first
for free — and see if it’s the kind of thing
you’d like to pursue.

Download a 1-hour interview of Bob,
hosted by internet marketing expert
Paulie Sabol.

I can’t believe how much content is on this
one interview alone!

Although this one interview is worth the
price of the full membership, Bob’s giving
it away during this introductory period.

==> http://www.squidoosecrets.com/

After you’ve listened to it and built your
first lens, let me know about it!

p.s. This is really great stuff.
Grab your membersh|p now and unleash the
power of Web 2.0. You’ll be amazed at how
quickly you can learn the advanced strategies
of this site with Bob’s help.

==> http://www.squidoosecrets.com/

p.p.s. If Bob offers you a deal on an upgraded
membership, look it over very carefully. Since
he’s a teacher, he’s made sure it’s quite

2 Responses to “What’s all this talk about Squidoo?”

  1. Chris Morris Says:

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    There is a free service at http://www.urlfreeze.com that you can use to help fight against affiliate link hijacking. Hope that helps.


  2. trafficadvertising Says:

    Thanks Chris…appreciate it…

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