The Malaysian Revolution

This important post is for Malaysians only.

I just came across a really good concept website by Gobala Krishnan and many other local Internet marketers who have joined together to create a complete resource for any Malaysian who wants to start their own home-based Internet business.

Here’s what you will find on his site:

– Interviews with successful Malaysian marketers and CEOs
– Monthly e-commerce training calls and teleseminars
– Private business development and networking forum
– Group mastermind and networking session every 3 months
– Much, much more

In fact, I just found out from Gobala that if you join his site now, you’ll get paid USD10 into your affiliate account immediately. This is simply incredible – even if you have never made money on the Internet before, now you can make your first dollar by simply joining his site!

However, you really need to hurry if you want to create an account at the lowest price possible. You can create an account here:

NOTE: This site is by referral only, so if they ask you for a “Referrer ID”, please use my id “yeyuku” to create your account.


Nimrod J. Ojilim

The Malaysian Revolution
The top Internet marketers from Malaysia reveal their secrets to one man. Find out what they know that you don’t. Click here for info >>

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