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It is been a very long time since I posted in this wordpress blog of mine. I have busy time moderating my other blogs. It is really not an easy task to blog and to be a teacher. It is not a good combination. Today, I just want to introduce to you.

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I was searching for song today online and I stumbled upon a site called It is an awesome site where you can download mp3 and video, in one simple click. Of course the files are from users, thus came the name If you notice, I’ll put up their site banner on my sidebar.

Back to the topic at hand, the tagline for this website is Free File Sharing meaning it is a free online storage. They have 5 kinds of account for you to choose from. Free, Silver, Gold, Platinum, SBE Solution and Enterprise Solution. You can download the pdf file for the package comparison HERE. Most surfer would opt for the FREE account which gives you 5 GB of free space to upload you files. The only setback for the free account is you can only upload maximum 100 MB for the files.

If you want to know more before signing up, you can go to the Quick Tour section to find out more. Or if you have questions in your head, just head to their FAQ page. If you have made up you mind, Join 4Shared Now!!